Tuesday 15 May 2012


As promised here are photos of todays class, a flag book/card

The title of this post is apt in more ways than one, my lovely tuesday morning ladies worked their little mitts off this morning with only the briefest of breaks for coffee and some yummy Italian cakes Joan brought in for her unbirthday - thanks Joan xxx

The front

The first three flags

The second page of flags

And the final three

I hope the photos help those people who didn't quite finish sticking all their embellishments in.

I appreciate a flag book was a task and a half for 15 people in two hours, thankyou everyone for your patience, here's hoping tomorrows two classes cope as well with all the little bits and bobs although with it being a slightly bigger class in the morning, dad and I did do a little extra prep. I promise to make next weeks class a little easier on you all xxx

Thankyou to Beryl for sharing her lovely two week project for our tuesday afternoon group, mine is still not quite finished so I will share photos as soon as I have all the photos and embellishments in place.

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