Sunday 25 March 2012

A little catch up

First up, I must apologise for not posting as regularly as usual, I will explain why later in the post.

 I do have some recent class projects to share

This is Bonnie's lovely tri-fold card that she made for our recent die-cutting class

A simple and classic two-tone design, clean and crisp with some very pretty details, thankyou to Bonnie once again for her inspiration and of course her fab way of teaching, always full of fun and wise words.

I have the card I taught two weeks ago for my three card classes, I went with Easter as per requests but provided alternative ideas for those not wanting to send Easter cards.

The yellow panel was created using a double embossing technique and the basket was created with die-cuts

Now I seem to have a couple of people worried by my lack of blogging and the less chatty posts I have made lately.

I have had a few emails recently, one very special one this morning from a lovely lady in the US who reads my blog with her morning coffee and she 'had a feeling' something was amiss.

I am so sorry if I have worried anyone with my absence and brevity of posting, in short, my dear grandad is desperately poorly.
Grandad is currently being cared for in our local hospice, and, as a family we are trying to make his last few days as comfortable as possible.

My close friends and class members know this and have been a tremendous support to both me and dad, I cannot express how grateful we are for everyones care and support and can say that the hospice have been amazingly kind and caring to grandad.

I am really, really trying to keep all the balls in the air at the moment and have been trying to keep life as normal as possible, mainly for my kids, but, we are an incredibly close family and we are all hurting so much right now, so please excuse me if I am slow in answering an email or a little lapse in updating my blog.

Thankyou once again for the lovely email ( N - you know who you are !) and to all of my lovely friends and family xxx


  1. Sending big hugs Tracey, hoping you find some solace in knowing that your Granddad is being cared for so tenderly in his last days x

  2. Sending you a great big hug.

    Lovely cards too.

  3. Tracey i really feel for you,sending you the biggest hugs imaginable xx we are going through the same thing right now with my uncle as like you also we are a very close family.

  4. Your posts are always testimony to the loving family you are/create. {warmest hugs}
    Lovely cards, so delicate.

  5. Big Hugs from one Tracey to another...still watching & wishing i was there x


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