Friday 2 March 2012

Class catch up

This weeks class cards

The second raffle prize was collected today - it was won by Vinnie one of our parchment ladies, which means there is just one left to collect

We have moved some classes around this month, thursdays are a little changed up - Parchment will be taking place on the first and second thursday each month, cuttlebug will take place each third thursday and YeeTing will be doing her stampin' Up class on the fourth thursday each month, hope this helps organise the dates for you all, as always please ring and book for both the cuttlebug and the Stampin' Up class or let me know when you are at the shop as places are limited.


  1. Hey my "sister" from across the water!!! I sure miss chatting with you! I love your cards! Just wanted to drop in and say "hello"! Take care!!! Hugs!!!

  2. Lovely class cards Tracey,

  3. Lovely cards this week, simple but gorgeous.


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