Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bags, boxes and more

Good evening

These next projects are from a couple of weeks ago

We had a really fab friday afternoon, brill people as always and an impromptu box making session

Pat and her lovely daughter Trudi joined me too and they also made all three of these in the couple of hours we had together

First up a small  gift bag/box, made form a 6 inch square of paper, the finished article measures approximately 3.5inches square and would be perfect for a little jewellery box or chocolates

Then we made a gift bag, this one was a bit bigger measuring approximately 7inches tall and again is folded from a single sheet of paper

Finally we made this teeny tiny tab topped folder type thingy perfectly sized for the smallest size of post-it note, or those infamous after dinner mints

It's a wonder we got one finished let along three with all the chatting and giggling ! Thankyou for a really good afternoon ladies - much fun ! ( and Trudi if you are reading this - I will make you into a bona fide crafter if it kills me !)

Finally before I head out for a very special event that is being held this evening I would like to thank Carole W for the gorgeous bouquet of pink blooms last week xxx

And a big thankyou to June C for this fantastic box full of homegrown fruit and veggies she brought in for me last week, she also brought in a large selection for the class to share and the oh so pretty sweet peas you can see below - thankyou xxx

Love and sweetness


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