Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Kusudama Bouquet

Good evening

As some of my readers will be aware, one of our loveliest members of class Jan, recently lost her beloved husband George

We wanted to give Jan something special and the class held a little impromptu collection and then the thinking began, we knew Jan would be receiving lots of flowers over the following weeks but we all wanted to give her something pretty and a little more long lasting

Inspiration came by way of Cathy who suggested a handmade bouquet of some sorts and a seed was planted ( pardon the pun )

Our tuesday afternoon group had been making these origami style flowers and I knew they would be Jan's 'cup of tea'

Each flower is made up of five origami petals, I made five each of five different sizes and colours

The money collected was used to pay for the vase and a matching photo frame and there was some left over which has been put towards another little surprise which Jan will receive in the post

I absolutely loved making each and every one of those petals, Jan is always so very kind and generous to everyone in the shop and has been incredibly thoughtful and supportive of me.  I  hope each time she looks at her flowers she knows how very special she is to all of her 'crafty' friends 

With much love Jan


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  1. And thank you, and all the Wednesday class so much. It is the most beautiful present and so thoughtful. I love it. I can't imagine the hours that went into each lovely flower (not to mention the vase buying excursions!) Thank you too for your very kind words and all the support I've had from everybody. I shall treasure my gift as I treasure your friendship.
    Jan xx


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