Monday, 14 July 2014

Dictionary challenge 2013/2014

Good evening

This is a long and very photo heavy post so please bear with me

Some of you may know that a few of us at the shop have been taking part in a dictionary challenge

Once a fortnight we were given a letter by Margaret and we were to make a page depicting a word beginning with that letter, the only rule was to incorporate part of the dictionary page, the part containing the word

We finished the challenge this month and so here is my completed book ( see !  I do actually finish things occasionally  !)

The front cover

The back cover showing the techniques I used to make the covers, lots of gesso, texture paste, letter stickers, paint and wax

And all the pages in alphabetic order ( we weren't given the letters in order, they were totally random)

I chose to actually use the whole dictionary page instead of just a snippet and drew all my chosen words, watercolouring them all first and then adding details and outlines with a Pitt artist fine liner and shading with polychromos pencils

Thankyou so much to all my fellow dictionary challengees, it was great sharing the challenge with you all

And massive thanks to Margaret, who came up with the idea for the challenge in the first place, organised all the letters and sent them to us in a text every two weeks and also kept us all motivated and inspired each month - thankyou xxx

Love and letters


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  1. That is absolutely fabulous. I love every page, and the textures and design of the covers are gorgeous. What a lovely piece to keep. xx


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