Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My heart

Sorry for not keeping up with my blogging this week, I totally got stuck into cleaning and sorting, tidying and organising at home, you know real life stuff

Utterly boring

Utterly not blog worthy

But utterly necessary

Hopefully over the next few days I can share with you the creativity that has been occurring ( even if I hadn't the time to blog it - I have still been playing with my papers, paints and crafty stuff)

Tonight I have the Valentine card I made for Neil to share with you.

This is a variation on the card we made last tuesday in our regular get together at the shop, I actually managed to create four cards in the two hours, all very different, all to be shared here eventually.

I hope I never get 'too old'

'too married'

'too past it'

'too complacent'

'Too whatever'

To stop making cards for Neil for Valentines day

I totally agree with the fact that a lot of the holidays are becoming commercial, a marketing ploy by the big names in business.

I totally agree that the true meaning of many occasions are lost

But I also feel that it is good to celebrate the important things in life




Not by spending money

Not by making empty grand gestures

But by marking a day, setting it aside and celebrating an event or a person, for who or what they are to YOU

So, with that said

Valentine's day to me is not about it being my birthday ( although that may explain my fascination with all things heart related)

It is not about roses - or any other flower type

It is not about chocolate ( although that is a big part of my life lol)

And it is not about gift giving or money spending

It is a day when I celebrate openly my love for the man in my life, the one who I turn to every day, the one who makes each day that little bit more special, the father of my children, the sharer of my secrets, the shoulder I cry on, the rock I lean on.

It is all too easy to take all these roles for granted, to forget that every day that special person puts you before themselves. 

Valentine's day to me is an opportunity to say thankyou ( for putting up with me and all my foibles)

To say thankyou for sticking with me ( through all the many trials and tribulations)

To say thankyou for sharing the burden and making life easier-  more fun 

To generally say 'I love you !' 

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  1. A fabulous post Tracey. You have a beautiful heart and mind.xxxx


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