Friday 30 January 2015


According to the dictionary definition

  1. 1.
    the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

For the last ten weeks or so Neil has been visiting a pain clinic and has been under the 'care' of a wonderful lady ( I am not sure I am allowed to mention her by name so for the purposes of this blog post I shall just refer to said lady as 'L')

Neil's prescribed method of physiotherapy this time around was acupuncture

How can a series of little pricks possibly be of benefit to anyone (enter your own images of annoying vertically challenged politicians here ), sorry I digress

We were sceptical to say the least

But, we had no need to be

The pain hasn't magically vanished, such is the complexity of Neil's health issues, but in all honesty he has received a great deal of relief, he has needed slightly fewer pain killers, receives a couple of days of diminished tension and generally finds it a little easier to complete some of the tasks us 'normal' people take for granted

He also comes home from each appointment feeling much better in himself, I have absolutely no doubt, having met the lovely 'L' myself, that this, is, in part, due to 'L's amazing knack of immediately putting people at ease.
'L' has been so kind, she has an amazing sense of humour, her acupuncture skills are quite clearly second to none, but, she has also proved that there are some health care professionals who still understand the true meaning of the word 'care'

I made this card to say thankyou

So, thankyou 'L', you have helped - probably more than you can imagine

Love and care

Tracey xxx


  1. So glad the treatment is working, and what a gorgeous card. Your new(ish) 6x6 paper stack? Love what you've done with it,

  2. Beautiful card Tracey, I am sure the recipient will be delighted. Glad to hear
    the acupuncture is helping to relieve some of his pain x


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