Sunday 12 October 2014

Nice day in Newark

Good evening

I have had such a fabulous sunday today

Jan invited me to join her and Margaret to a papercraft show in Newark and I jumped at the chance, I have not been to one for a little while so had a few stalls on my list to visit.

Here is my little crafty haul, not included in the picture are the boring tools, adhesives and envelopes, but here are the fun things I picked up

The little house at the back is a money box which I am going to transform into a beach hut

The MDF squares I bought in three variations which will be transformed into a wall hanging ( I just can't resist hearts in any form !)

I succumbed to the sparkly wonder of glamour dust - well Chrimbo is just around the corner and we all need a little sparkle then !

The magpie in me failed to resist the lovely little sparkly and pearly embellishments for the centres of flowers and poinsettias

I bought a few stamps as they were all on sale, extra special offers which would have been rude to ignore

And as if I don't have enough papers I found some designs that I have never had in the shop so they kind of fell into my basket too

Jan and I were both taken with the 6in paper pads so we bought one each and will be splitting them to share out all the designs

We had a fair few giggles and lots of inspiration, I can't believe how long we stayed there, we enjoyed it so much we didn't want to leave - thank goodness I got all organised and put the slow cooker on before we left, I worked up quite an appetite.

Thankyou so much to Jan and Margaret who made it such a lovely day

Love and crafty goodness




  1. And thank you, too - so pleased you could join us. It was a lovely day, made extra special, sharing it with friends.

  2. Pleased you had an enjoyable day and came back with lots of crafting goodies to play with xxx

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