Saturday 28 June 2014

Fathers day cards - Neil

Good evening

Sorry these cards are a day later than I planned, I don't know why I ever say 'i will be back tomorrow with .....' as I seldom do ever achieve it !

Anyway, these are the two cards I made for Neil for the kids to give him on Father's day, Amy had already bought her dad one so I just had the two boys to accommodate

First up a more grown up style for Robbie

I used the stamps from a Creative Stamping issue, distress inks and handmade masks helped to colour the background

And this second card was for AJ to give to his dad, the inside reads "AWESOME" I wasn't suggesting Neil was big and green and extinct !

I will be back tomorrow with ( who am I kidding !!!!!)

I will see you all soon with something else crafty

Enjoy your weekend

Love and large critters


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