Friday 25 April 2014

UFO Friday - Stampin' Up cards

Good evening

As well as making myself accountable for my christmas cards, I have also decided to make myself accountable for all the UFO's lurking around the house ( UFO = Un Finished Object)

I know I have a UFO problem when I find I am hiding them in the kids bedrooms, the attic and at the shop as well as in various corners of my craft space, the utility room and the shed - yes I even have them in the shed !!!

So....... here is the first of them - - - - - - - finished

ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Two cards from a Stampin' Up class held by Linda er hermmmm  - last year !!!!! 

All finished now ! I had created the bases and stamped up all the various elements, then tidied them all away in a little bag 'to do later'

Who else has a mound of 'to finish' projects ?

Surely I am not alone !

I know of at least one person

Pat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on everyone stop hiding those UFO's and join me in finishing them ! 

Love and UFO's




  1. Ha ha! I think I have thousands too!

    Lovely UFO's all finished.

  2. UFO's, we all must have lots lurking around. Well done on finishing some. xxx


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