Friday 30 August 2013

Birthday commission

I recently created this card as a commission for one of Rob's mates, he wanted a special card for his mum's birthday as I had made his dad's father's day card earlier in the year

I created this on an 8in x 8in card base ( see Carole L I do sometimes create 'large' cards lol)

I don't really know the lady in question and Joe just asked me to create something girly and pretty ( free reign to use lots and lots of flowers, ribbon and lace in my opinion)

I didn't have the heart to charge him, I just thought it was so sweet he wanted a handmade card for his mum. But he came the following day with this massive bouquet of flowers for me - bless his heart !


  1. A beautiful card. what a lucky mum to have such a caring son, and it was a lovely token of his thanks to you.xx

  2. That is abeautiful card - and he must be a very special son. Your flowers are beautiful - a lovely token of thanks.


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