Wednesday 24 April 2013

Virgin on the sublime

Well, a little later than promised, here I have the card I mentioned last week.

I was all set to upload and then POOFFFFFFF !!!  My modem decided to go up in smoke, no internet for a whole weekend.

Anita's theory is that it was Candy crushed and she is probably right lol

Anyway long story short

Rang virgin
Virgin came
Virgin tested
Not just modem, but both Tivo boxes and both V+ boxes and every other single item in the house and all their cables
Virgin installed new modem
and new remote control and promised to come back next week to re pull our cables
So t'internet is fixed and we have just about all of the 100meg we should have
Two brand new shiny appliances
And a promise that it will be even faster when the repull is done
So...... thankyou Virgin, whatever anyone else says  - you are ACE !!!
And the engineer was a diamond too

So, tonight, thanks to Virgin, I do have the card to share that I made for my dear friend Ann last week

Ann adores all things butterfly related so I couldn't resist adding this little beauty to the front of her card

The patterned paper was a sheet gifted to me by my lovely friend Carole, thankyou honey, I am sure you will approve of who I used it for !

I hope you had a lovely birthday Ann and was totally spoiled by Dave ( although I have no doubt he made your day very special)

And what came of the time I gained from not having my Mac hooked up to the world wide web all weekend ???
Well the house got cleaned from top to bottom
All the laundry got done superfast
Blitzed the garden
Went to the gym
Repainted a mirror frame
Did some DIY
Cleared out wardrobes
Made some cards
Totally revamped craft area
Baked for the kids
Polished the dog
Yadda Yadda Yadda

All in two days phewwwwwwww

Might need to ban myself from the internet a little more often ( although I am sure the novelty would wear off eventually)

Candy Crush here I come !


  1. I love the card lots of pretties.

    Shhhhhh!! Don't tell mark what you did when you had no Internet. He will be switching ours off.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. WOW Tracey, this is absolutely stunning!!! Love the lacey touches and gorgeous colour! Hope you're all well. Jane x

  4. sorry about previous comment, missed some words out.
    A beautiful card, for a lovely lady, hope she had a lovely time.. (doing this quietly.)xx


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