Tuesday 13 November 2012

Bye Bye Bob.

Mixed post tonight, very photo heavy

First up a card for my friend and neighbour Jenny

Whilst we were away on holiday our dear neighbour Bob died suddenly, we didn't know anything about it until we got home.

Bless him, he was a lovely, lovely man. Bob and Jenny become our friends shortly after moving in over the road from us a few years ago and have been brilliant with our boys, they have a grandson a similar age and have been incredibly kind and generous with our three.

Bob was originally from America and had a really laid back and languid way about him, always had time to stop and natter and always genuinely cared when he asked how you were.

We will miss him and we hope his wife Jenny will find some comfort in knowing how loved her husband was. 

On another note entirely.

Here are our pics from our holiday in The Lakes a couple of weeks ago.

We stayed once again at the Quiet Site just outside Penrith.

St Andrews church - Penrith

Just so happened to be right next to a lovely little craft shop !

The weather was pretty miserable, until now we have been incredibly blessed by fair and dry weather whenever we have visited Cumbria, but the legendary rain caught up with us this time.

So we spent a little more time pursuing indoor activities this time round

We even ventured as far as Newcastle and enjoyed a day at the metro centre.

The Christmas decorations were up and the boys had a little pocket money to spend.

We had a day out at Whitehaven and ended up taking the boys bowling

Rob had just scored a strike so was super happy, mum won at the end of the day (least said about that the better - none of the boys were happy to be beaten by a girl !)

Later in the week and after a walk up to Penrith, we called in a pub for some liquid refreshments and we all enjoyed a few games of pool and darts.

Our new trailer tent, which did us proud, the weather certainly tested its durability.

The view from our tent door on the final day before heading home, the skies were a beautiful clear blue and totally devoid of clouds, in the distance we could just make out a three quarter moon.

And the view towards the rear of the tent

And the inside ( for Marie - who wonders how we keep so organised lol)

This is the left hand rear corner of the living area, with the fridge and tea making area.

And the right hand side of the living area, with two larder units.

The left hand one contains all the non perishable food.

The right hand one contains all the pots and pans, cutlery, cooking equipment etc, on top is our new grill ( for those all important early morning bacon butties !)

As always we have board games, playing cards and plenty of reading material to keep everyone entertained in the evenings.

To the right of the silver chair is the oversized buckets for the shoes and wellies and the black square basket at the back is for laundry.

And this is the trailer part of the tent and the sleeping area

Lots of storage underneath the cushions. The boys slept in the bedroom pod on the left and Neil and I slept in the one on the right.


Neil's and my bed ( bedding from Ikea)

The boys bed ( much more comfortable in proper quilts this year and bedding from my mum - thanks mum )

 And just before leaving on the final day, car all packed up ! Yes it really all does fit away quite neatly.

Leaving Watermillock we just had to stop and capture this beautiful image, see those white peaks ? Yes there was snow on them there mountains !

Camping in the Lakes in early November definitely is not for the faint hearted but it was beautiful and it didn't spoil my love for this breathtaking part of our country. All coming from someone who 'doesn't do' cold !


  1. Its sad when you lose a good neighbour, a lovely card.

    Some great photos of your holiday, what a tidy tent, would you come round and sort my craft room out please in fact the whole house....xxx

  2. Great photos, you would never know about the weather. Very tidy too.
    Yes, go round to Margaret's and sort her out, lol. (Love you really Margaret).


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