Wednesday 17 October 2012

TV debut

I wasn't going to blog this evening as I don't have anything crafty photographed and ready to blog.

But I felt I needed to say a massive THANKYOU to my wednesday morning ladies.

I was approached by the local telly, ie channel 7 to be part of a christmas crafting feature they are conducting locally, I think all us local craft shops have been involved.

 When I took the initial call I was only half listening ( naughty me) and when I was asked if they could come and speak with me, I said yes, anyone who knows me knows that the N......O..... word fails to exist in my vocabulary !

Anyhow, I thought I was just being involved in a local business initiative and had no idea about any cameras etc, we arranged to meet last wednesday and then the full enormity of what I had agreed to hit me, thank God it wasn't Sky News or the BBC !

Of course, even being fully aware, I still failed to get that pesky N......O.......word out of my mouth.

It took me a week to pluck up the courage to break the news to dad, who threatened all week to wear the Borat mankini for the interviews to teach me a lesson.

Well, today was the day.

They came, they filmed and they laughed !

My wednesday ladies did what they do best, they made the whole experience an absolute hoot, the crew were treated to plenty of belly laughs, everyone co-operated fully with the filming and made my job so much easier and we all actually managed to get our cards finished.

Fortunately dad behaved himself and kept to his regular attire ( more than can be said for our Dawn)

The short film will be edited, cut and whatever else they do, and then I will be sent a copy to share with you all.  I will try and embed it here on my blog once I have it, and it will be aired on channel 7 in the not too distant future.

So, thankyou to the two very lovely guys from Channel 7

Thankyou to dad for behaving

But most of all thankyou to my wonderful wednesday morning ladies

Love you all xxx


  1. Glad all went well. Can' t wait to see it. Hope it will be able to be shown before the watershed, lol. Will be in later in the week for your autograph! xxx

  2. What wonderful news! How brilliant! Next thing we know you'll be a soapstar, superstar !! Love as always Anne x


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