Saturday 4 August 2012

Cards cards and more cards and greetings from Sweden

Last weeks class cards

Sorry I am a little bit behind in sharing these, I have had a mega busy couple of weeks

And the second one of the week

I also had a tweenie card to make this week, AJ's bessie Harry turned 12, oh the joys of designing a card for a twelve year old boy, one of the hardest genres in my opinion

All the boys in our town are totally into all things bike, skate and scooter, helped along by our brand new local skate park. AJ and Harry spend all day, every day at the park practising their grinds, slides and tailwhips.

I printed a royalty free image from the internet to create my topper and the name plate was handwritten in a graffiti style with some subtle shading with a copic pen.

Thursday saw us enjoying a night out at the Yardbirds, watching one of our fave bands Bonafide

I love the intimacy of the venue, here are the guys in action.

One of these pics will be chosen to go into my photo scavenger hunt journal as we had to find and take a photo of someone playing a musical instrument, you can find details of the challenge HERE on Maria's blog.

Pontus stepped into the crowd and played a solo toe to toe with me.

Hanging out after the show enjoying a drink with Pontus, my mum is on the right and my bessie Anita on the left

As always we had an amazing night, my cheeks were sore from all the laughing ( but don't ask Anita how she got down the stairs at the end)

I have loads of cards and arty stuff to share but I won't inundate you with any more in this post, I will be back tomorrow with some more photos.

Til then

Fill your head with rock !!! 


  1. What lovely cards.

    Looks like a great night. I will join you next time. I don't like missing out;0)

    I can't wIt to hear about the stairs.

    Lovely pics to treasure.

    Love ya,

  2. Thanks for a great night out, even though there were 'stairs',lol. And a great laugh was had by all!!!! Ears are now recovered. Pardon???


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