Wednesday 13 June 2012

Download 2012

Non-crafting post, please feel free to skip if you have stumbled here looking for crafting inspiration, that will follow tomorrow, also, faint hearted and mud shy look away now !

Also, please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors - I am still in the midst of festival fog.

The reason for my recent lack of blogging is our trip to the Download Rock Festival - Donington Park

For five days we had this view of Castle Donington from our tent

And yes it was wet ( Neil is in the middle of this picture wearing shorts which he bravely  madly kept on for the whole of the festival)

And very, very muddy ( AJ is trudging through The Village here in MY lovely pink Hunters - no losing him in a crowd !) and yes that really is a double decker bus parked in the middle of the quagmire.

Just for you Little Pat ( you said you needed to see pics of THE boots)

Day one

Day three

Day five

Note - no boots were harmed in the making of this blog, they are now cleaner than day one and fully polished ready for next year !

AJ throwing the horns ( not really pulling of the badass, rock star growl on this one)

My two handsome boys ( none of Amy I am afraid, she was far too camera shy)

And the reasons we went ......

My favourite three acts of the 138 who appeared were, in no particular order

Slash -  the hat, the hair, the guitar, oh my !

Dropkick Murphys - as mad as a box of frogs but one of the most fun bands I have ever witnessed.

And the legends that are Metallica ( Saturdays headliners) - you would struggle to find a more professional and awe-inspiring band, their performance was truly special.

The Prodigy headlined Friday, we missed the first part of their set as we wanted to see Slash, what we did see was fantastic but we will always remember Neil's version of one of their biggest hits in the tent afterwards, complete with his own little four speed light show !

Black Sabbath headlined Sunday and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us I think, but, to be perfectly honest, whilst their back catalogue is definitely one to be immensely proud of, and the band were amazing, Ozzy my darling we love you dearly, but I personally think your singing days are done. 

And that was it for another year, I am praying for Andy Copping to choose Rammstein to headline Saturday next year and would dearly love to see Airbourne and Volbeat there again, Bonafide I think would go down well too, only 364 more days to go to do it all over again.


  1. Ha ha!!! It looks like you all had great fun.
    I hope you didn't all block the bath plug hole when you got home;0)

  2. Really great photos, and I love your boots!!!! mud and all they are too cool.

  3. Oh wow, sounds and looks like you had a fab time and all shared with the family too - it doesn't get much better than that!!! Xxx

  4. How much mud!!!! Pleased you all had a great time x

  5. Glorious!!!!! in every way. xxx

  6. would love to have seen the row of boots outside the tent every day...

  7. Awesome!!! Sounds like you had a great the pics of your boots!

    Warm hugs


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