Wednesday 12 October 2011

Life Book

I have enrolled, I tried to resist, I honestly did, but all to no avail, and I cannot wait for January to roll on round.

My friend Anita and a couple of my new circle journal friends are joining me, are any of my blog readers taking part too ?

I have also decided today that it might be a good idea to make a start on my christmas cards.
 I am busily adding some lush colour to some rather cute House Mouse stamps and have a lovely little pile of  festive finery to embellish the finished cards with.
 So, please excuse me for tonight and I will be back tomorrow with the fruits of my labour.


  1. Me, me, me. I've gone and done it too. Excited or what. xxx

  2. Me me me. Well on payday anyway:) which course did you sign for??



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