Sunday 18 September 2011

Sunday scrapbooking

It may be dull and rain-sodden outside my windows, but I feel sunny after my day of crafting. 

I have been keeping up with the laundry and housework throughout the week, so I rewarded myself with a day of play.

This is the layout I mentioned yesterday that I had started after work, the finishing touches were added before I went to bed ( in between a secret project, blogging, planning a card class and beating dad on mindjolt games  - insert evil laugh here)

It is very unusual for me to use yellow  - far too close to the colour orange to be comfortable for me, but Rob was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt ( gone are the days when I could choose their attire to match my favourite scrapbook products !)

This morning, in between creating a sample for my upcoming workshop ( lots of paint, inks and altered yumminess - therefore little gaps of drying time and opportunities to multi-task ) I created a layout with a photo of Amy, alas the looming rainclouds scuppered all attempts at a decent photo so I will share that with you all tomorrow ( sunshine permitting )

But as promised I do have my little critters to share with you, they are all made mainly from the Stampin'Up owl punch and were a hoot to make - geddit !!!

Sorry, the act of creating these little monsters was far too much fun for an adult.

Neil is seriously concerned for my sanity, he hasn't yet managed to wrap his head around the whole ATC concept. Then when he rings me from work and inquires as to what I am doing, my reply of "I am making a nurse out of an owl" left him speechless, which anyone who knows Neil will tell you is quite an achievement  !

Anyhow, here are the ones I have made so far ( lots more in the pipeline)

My little aliens

Giraffe, pig, sheep, cow, lion

Rudolph and a robin


Pirate, nurse Carole, chef Ramsey (notice the mad eyes lol) and Jenny the graduate.

I also decided that I would start mounting them, here is the teacher

Bat and ghost

Wicked witch and Frankenstein

What am I going to do with all my little owlie creatures you may be pondering, well I am halfway through altering an old book, so they will all be mounted and added to the book.

No they are not terribly clever, or chic, they won't be a class or mean anything much to anyone else, in fact, even I recognise they are plain old silly, but you know what ? they are really fun and sometimes even grown ups need to do something............. just because !!!

Happy crafting - silly or otherwise


  1. Silly? These are not silly! They are the mark of a brain thinking outside the box! I love to take a product further than its original intention! I am mad about the little animals and the nurse is priceless, I can see why Neil was speechless! I think this should be a class, see how many animals you can make from one set of shapes!

  2. Great layout, love the yellow. Owl (lol) lovely are your critters. Omg, it's such good fun to be silly. Love 'em.

  3. Gorgeous layout & love those fun critters!
    I made a layout today, first one in a year and half. After all the DT work I lost my mojo for a while :0(

  4. i love, love, love those creatures. I am going to bookmark this page. thanks for posting!

  5. I think your latout is fab and I like the yellow too:)

    Loving all of your owls, I have only made 3 so far.

    The good news is I have been painting the bedroom in plaster paint all day yay!! How I have been waiting for this day to finally arrive!

  6. thanks for making me laugh ! I love your little owl critters

  7. I love your little critters! I've got that punch and would never have dreamed of all the things you could do with it. Have to go play now!!! Thanks for the inspiration Tracey. Helen x

  8. what a beautiful inspirational blog you have thank you x

  9. Tracey, how spooky (no pun intended), I've just bought this punch, literally got it yesterday and my Stampin Up Rep was telling me that the owl punch could be used for all different critters! Hope you don't mind, but I've added these to my Pinterest Papercrafting Board!!!

  10. These are FABULOUS! I just discovered these on Pinterest. Thanks so much for sharing!!


  12. This are so adorable. Thank you for sharing!

  13. These are such clever ideas for that lil' owl magazine die freebie! I love what you've done with it! So so clever, had to pin for easy reference! Love it!! Hugs, Wends xoxo (Crafty Kiwi Mama)


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