Friday 24 June 2011

June tag

My tag for June

I spent lots of time playing with yummy techniques for the background and then did my usual trick of piling on stuff until the background had almost disappeared !!! You know me - less is more - NOT ha ha

The corrugated heart had been coated with gesso, once it was dry I rubbed it with Rock Candy stickles and finally finished it with a little gold wax rub.

The lush fabric roses were in the sale bin at my local co-op, they started life as hair slides and I had been wearing them but they just seemed to fit the tag perfectly, oh well will have to treat myself to some new ones for the barnet.

As always I was not alone creating these tags

Paulien's is HERE
Anita's is HERE

Nicki hasn't had chance to create hers this month as her craft room is housing extra furniture from a decorating project so the poor love is struggling to get any crafting done at the mo.

In other news

I have signed up for a really exciting class with the supremely talented Kirsty Wiseman, it is an art journalling project and I truly can't wait to play. And at the risk of sounding like a complete star struck wally, I had the pleasure of speaking with her on the phone today, oh bless her heart honestly she is so sweet, I can't wait to get to know her better throughout the class.

My ladies that crop will attest to the fact that I emitted several excited squeals and did a happy dance round the tables, simple things make me incredibly happy, I promise to keep you posted on how the class goes and promise not to squeal if she rings again. Sorry Kirsty I think I might have babbled incoherently for a little while.

Love and squeals

Tracey xxx


  1. Gorgeous and beautiful tag Tracey. Annette x

  2. How refreshing to find that you can be so happy over the little things. I just love that. I find myself doing happy dances over small things too and my friends just laugh and enjoy the ride!

    Great tag, perhaps you should take a photo of the base tag and all the hard work that went into the paper to show us "before" you add all your yummy embellies...seems a shame not to see it...

  3. Gorgeous tag Tracey, love the flowers, what a bargain. Enjoying the ride and also the laughing. xxx

  4. how cool tag very beautiful my friend

    XX carla


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