Monday, 28 October 2013

Japanese Stab Binding

Yet again  I find myself apologising for another week slipping past

I am sorry

Life just does seem to get in the way sometimes

Tonight I have a little project to share with you that was inspired by my good friends Anita, Margaret and Jan

They have all signed up for a local book making course

I didn't want to take part in the course for numerous reasons, 
ie  time - 
I like having my evenings at home with the hubby and kiddos - yeah... boring and old fashioned -  I know
 I like learning stuff on you tube for free !
and lastly I don't enjoy being confined to a timescale, I prefer to do things in my own time, as quick or as slow as I like ( more slow at the moment though lol)

So... the girls told me what their first project was  - stab binding !!!!
 And this is my version ( learnt via you tube)

I made the book base from chipboard I had left over from a previous book and all the papers were a gift from June, so the whole project was very frugal

The covers were chipboard wrapped in handmade paper ( gifted from June)

The pages were handmade paper ( also gifted from June)

I used odds and ends from my stash to decorate the front cover, lovely mother of pearls buttons from my special friend and mum number two Beryl
Seed beads which I have had in my little hoard of crafty goodies for ever !
Mulberry paper from my dear friend Ann and a chippie heart which I painted with acrylics

And finally the back of the book which shows off the finishing of the binding.

I am so pleased with my cute little frugal book which took me all of two hours to make.
 I might have to expand my horizons a little and play some more with book binding, pages and background techniques - just don't hold your breath for an update !


  1. Beautiful! Love the shabby chic look.

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