Monday, 8 October 2012


I had plans to share a christmas card this evening but alas, by the time I had done my chores at home, spent the daily two hours at the gym and completed the Tesco's shop I ran out of daylight to photograph it ( note to self  - make the most of the morning sunshine before the day runs away with me)

So, one thing I did have already on my hard drive was a couple more pages in my 'Wreck this journal' which I had completed yesterday

I had to poke holes in the right hand page with my pencil, and, as I sat pondering what to  do with the rest of the page, I had a lightbulb moment and decided it looked like something had been shot through the page. As my drawing skills aren't quite up to the uber cool Clint Eastwood, I settled on Merida from Brave.

Background was created with Gesso and blue acrylic paint, I added red cardstock behind the holes to make them stand out more and Merida was coloured in Polychromos pencils.

I am working on my 'crack the spine' page next, but I will be back tomorrow with a christmas card.

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  1. Your artwork is great and what a clever idea to make the holes in the page. Loving all your ideas

    Gill Edwards


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