Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Download 2013

Download 2013

Yep another year over

Probably another decibel closer to deafness

Another couple of inches of mud added to the baby pink hunter wellies

And more importantly  - another family memory

The boys and I  Friday afternoon ( obviously none too impressed, AJ looks positively confused bless him - what the ?????????)

The headliners for saturday night - Iron Maiden

The Spitfire flypast at the opening of their show was absolutely breathtaking, for personal reasons it held me captured and I had a lump in my throat as I remembered a very special person.

Queens of the Stoneage

Black Stone Cherry - Neil and I saw these last year and knew they were good, loved their Download set !

Ghost , loved their entrance and costumes.

By far the best act !

Ever !!!

 In the history of download


It is not often you get a guy in a pink fur jacket, singing truly heavy industrial metal

It is not often that a stage is lit up by mind blowing pyrotechnics from start to finish

It is not often that a 100,000 plus audience - predominantly english - can recite, word for word, the lyrics to a full set of German songs

It is not often that a band can arrive on stage, do their bit and leave a Download audience totally and utterly speechless and awestruck, united in utter respect

It is not often that little old me, card maker, scrapbooker, business person and respectable mother of three totally abandons all sense of reality, loses all abandon, headbangs and jumps about like a person possessed

That is Rammstein !!!

I will never forget this utterly gobsmacking performance and neither will any of my family,we were all united in the thought that we had just witnessed history in the making !!!

On another note, my lovely dear husband of 20 plus years decided to surprise me whilst we were away

A diamond ring - NO !!!

A romantic evening - NO !!!!

A sweet loving gesture - NO !!!

I have a fear, 

 - Actually several fears

Of coloured pegs

Of wind farms

Of Morris dancers

Of heights

Of bridges

Of the colour orange

But most of all - CLOWNS

I left the tent on Wednesday, they ( Neil and the kids) were all drinking coffee and dunking biscuits - innocently

I returned to be faced with :

I have no idea what the rest of our campsite thought as I jumped back out of our tent screaming

" I am not coming in there til you get those off !!!!!!!!!"

I am totally amazed this photo even came out as I had to enter very slowly and use the camera with my eyes firmly shut !

So, tonight, I leave you with thoughts of :

Industrial metal
Muddy wellies
And clowns

Like you do 



  1. sounds like you had a great time, all those names and faces its like I am on different quite my kind of music..

    hope you have got over the clowns, how cruel lol.

    Like you said great family

  2. Mud and music, music and mud - great combination. Sounds like a great time was had by all, I bet Neil enjoyed the clowns even if you didn't, little things....

  3. Oh Ruth, I am slowly getting back into the world of scrapbooking and when I visited your site, the first post I saw was this one. It totally cracked me up. There is hidden talent in the Clown Act.
    What have I been missing............LOL


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