Thursday, 23 August 2012

Summer photo scavenger hunt

Anita, Margaret and I have signed up for a photo challenge, you can check it out here on Marias blog

This following photo is my photo of someone playing an instrument ( number seven on the list) - from our recent night out to watch Bonafide and yes I really was lucky to be stood toe to toe with the lead singer and guitarist Pontus.

The girls and I have a couple of art journals on the go at the moment and we decided it might be fun to incorporate the photos from this challenge into yet another journal.

I have prepared all the pages with various ink/paint techniques and will be adding my photos as I take them.


  1. What a great photo (and layout).
    Welcome to the Hunt!

  2. a great start,Tracey looking forward to seeing more....

  3. Good start. Hope you're doing better than me! xxx


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